Thursday, May 10, 2007

The things said against catholics...

I know someone who left Catholicisn and has joined up with some end times rapture ministry run by a certain prophet who among other things prophesied the Asian Tsunami and many other things.

They didn't know I was catholic and when they found out they did what I can only describe as EEEUUUUW! and told me to get out, of the church, as fast as I can.

Catholicism is the only faith, apparently where people are allowed to sin intentionally because they can go to confession afterwards and have it all washed way then go do it again. In fact, the person used to hate attending mass without passing by the confessional.

Catholics can drink, party all night and go for mass in the morning. They can live life with one foot in the world and the other with God then make one turnaround in the moment of death and make it to Heaven................that is practically verbatim.

Now this is the intersting part I was told Catholics contradict the bible by worshipping engraven images( The cross apparently is also an engraven image here since ours have the figure of Jesus on them) that according to the bible God is Jealous and hates us for showing reverence for this engraven images and will punish us for four generations and reward those who dont for a thousand generations. Aha!

I have heard of people who have had their faith challenged before, it happned to me when I was a kid and my friends teased me for wearing the rosary but nothing of this magnitude.

While I pray for my person I also pray for myself and my brothers and sisters un faith? Questions: Do I give the church, the faith a bad name? Do I abuse the grace and privilege of confession, of the Holy Mass, Do I make a mockery of the Holy Eucharist?

Peter Son of John do you love me?, Peter answered Yes Lord you know that I love you"
Feed my sheep.

From what I gather Peter sounded a bit flushed and embarased at the directness of our Lord but he did live his loove for the Lord and watch over his sheep.

The question for me and you is Do you love me? If your asnwer is Yes Lord I love you, his response is "follow me."

I pray for purity in my desires and in my actions Lord May I never desire and anything that mocks the great privileges you offer me in the Sacraments.

The drinking question is one that will haunt Catholicism to the end of time but I pray for the lord's grace that especially young cathlics might live and know in fullness of Grace especially this one here.

Now about the issue of deathbed conversions C H Spurgeon the delightful preacher of what-century-was-that-again once gave a sermon where he preached that when Jesus walked into Heaven after his death the robber who repented was right alongisde him as the first convert of the Sacrifice of our Lord on the cross.

The Mercy of God is unfathomable, there are oceans and oceans of it and so long as we have breath even if it just one and we sincerely come to before Him and beg for Mercy we will be pardoned.

The truth is God cannot be deceived by a catholic, an Anglican, or atheist and any attempt is surely courting serious danger. In the imitation of Christ Kempis writes I am quoting from my head so dont mind if its a bit askew "Imagine if you cannot stand the wrath of your fellow man it terrifies you what about the wrath of God the Almighty ........"

I dont believe its catholics alone who ask people to find God even with their last breath but we all know God cannot be deceived you cannot live a life of sin cognizant of the Grace of God and the greeatness of his Love and Mercy and expect to be saved with a last minute whimper! God can see the heart!

In that case your knowledge of the existence of the mercy and Love of God and intetional disregard of the same till your moment of need so to speak will probably be your condemnation and that too will be great. Why because you know!

Kempis writes again that those who know will be judged more harshly .........

God cannot be deceived is the bottom line of the death bed matter as far as I am concerned.

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