Friday, January 5, 2007

My answer to Relativism

Happy New year to you all! May the Good Lord drench us with Grace and all the blessings from above this year.

Now I am sure as most of you have noticed the Holy Father and a lot of other people are real concerned about relativism as an impediment to the full experience of faith- it's joy and sweetness- and catholicism in particular.

Well I would like to promote a new thought today people I call it Pivotism. Pivotism is basically a modern day total dependence on Christ, a severe hunger for Him and His Love, a constant search for Communion with Him and a total openness to his will. After one has become a pivot one must then look for and being the pivot anchor at least one more Christian by means of inspiration , ministry and prayer to become a pivot as well.

For any Christian that feels inadequate in fervor, desire and hunger for Christ they must take the reverse route and seek out a pivot to anchor and inspire them to a highler level of intimacy with Christ.

In the end we all must be smalll pivots who are all anchored on the Ultimate and Eternal Pivot Jesus Christ son fof ther True Living God.

I know its an old version of be your neighbour's keeper but whats important is to giv e it an identity and practice.

I'd luv ya thots

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