Monday, December 11, 2006

beatin tha devil down!

Excuse the forthrightness of the title but at this stage the honeymoon of my new friendhip with the Lord is kind of over. Temptations are flooding in and it does get tough..............more than I can tell you but I always try to think of how sweet it is now being in communion with the Lord and forever in the life to come and that's where my strength comes from.

That the good Lord is here with me and will not leave but will stand with me and hold my hand.........................

Dont laugh ladies and gents but I am learning a pivotal lesson of faith here it is never I or me or myself it's always We me and the Lord unless I take a U turn or a side street into sin. ( Stress the world always.)

The evil one has got unbelievable tenacity even with Jesus nigh he still tries to make a pass at me and that's ok because I am determined to avoid his kiss of death.

Thats my prayer today that I may steer clear of evil and in the sweet company of My Lord and Saviour especially this Advent season

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Soutenus said...

This is a great post. I hope you keep posting because I JUST found your blog!