Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Being or Nothingness

I came across a blog titled Being or Nothingness?
Days later I cannot seem to get that question out of my head but even worse I cannot seem to gather the wisdom to answer it correctly. Until now. To be able to answer that question I realized I needed to know the difference between being-ness and nothingness. The difference? Salvation. Jesus Christ is the difference, his love, grace and companionship are all that makes us be, all that makes us live and everything else must stem otherwise its all useless. Moreover I realized that Being or Nothingness is a choice that we all have to make and the only way to show which side we have chosen is in through our lives the way we live; the good we do, the paths we walk, the words we talk, our entire lives must are a declaration of what we are: Being or Nothingness? Which are you?

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Amber said...

Today, I saw a bumper sticker that read: Militant Agnostic

I thought, "How sad to go through life not understanding the wonder of a God you can seek a personal and growing relationship with."

I am "Being" and I'm so very thankful!