Tuesday, November 14, 2006


“If anyone wants to be my disciple let him take up his cross and follow me.”
That’s a bit harsh isn’t it coming from the source of all Love and goodness? That verse used to be the most difficult in the entire Bible for me and probably a few other people to accept. However after finally graduating from spiritual baby class after twenty years that is no longer the case. Its really a very simple in the same way that Jesus suffered to be glorified so must we to share in his glory. We want his glory but are not willing to share his suffering.

If you think the words of Jesus above are hard to hear then sample this “ Depart from me ye cursed lot and into the fire of damnation.” Ouch!

Through suffering we are instructed, purified and made worthy of hearing the most beautiful verse in the bible Well done good and faithful servant.”

The bottomline is earth cannot be heaven otherwise we would not know the difference when we do get to heaven, au sio?
Its always easier to live remembering we never carry our crosses alone God is always with us unless of course we refuse to accept his help, guidance and light by not turning to, depending on and trusting Him.

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