Tuesday, November 14, 2006


A few days ago feeling extremely tired I came home and dumped myself on the bed. When I woke up 3 hours later after a rather nice nap I did not have one of my (pricey) cufflinks on me. Having taken a shine to shirts with cufflinks (they make me look expensive) I was determined to find it and I literally tore my room apart, the bed, and clothes everything trying to find it. In the process of that frantic search the biblical stories of the lost coin, the prodigal son and the good shepherd all came to me and I collapsed back onto my bed smiling to myself. The truth of all these biblical stories was staring me right in the face! The truth of the effort of Jesus Christ each day to find me whenever I stray from the path of truth, light and grace the effort of the Living redeemer who is with me ‘till the end of time’ and who has not ‘left me alone.” When I compare that constant effort to the number of sins I commit everyday big and small yet he never tires of looking for me what I found is enough to knock out Tyson, Mohammed Ali and Holyfield put together that is the true and undying Love of God towards me. God is truly Love but the question do I return His Love? Or even try to?

Oh yeah I never found my cufflink which is okay probably because I am not as thorough as Jesus is or love the cufflink anywhere close to how much he loves me.

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